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This website is used to demonstrate the standard template, features, and tools we provide.  The menu items are representative of what most clients want, but menus and content are infinitely customizable.

We’ve made a large monetary investment along with several years of development so we can offer our products at an incredibly affordable price that can’t be beat.

Why?  Because we saw a need within the dog-world community, and we knew we could do something about it.

Who are we?  We are “dog people”: breeders; dog club members; event secretaries; exhibitors and competitors in companion and performance sports.  And we are also professional software programmers and web designers - techy geeks that enjoy this kind of work, especially when it benefits our beloved dog world community.

How do we do it?  If you’ve shopped for a website, or considered building one, you know that:

  • They take a lot of time if you’re doing it yourself. There’s a learning curve even with those DIY website builders that claim you can “set up your website in 5 minutes.”
  • They cost a lot of money if you hire a professional developer, and you still must do all the work of gathering and providing the info.
  • They don’t have our ‘dog world’ specific tools. The apps and tools we develop are specifically built for dog events and dog people. You won’t find them anywhere else.

Our ability to provide websites, support, customization, and new module development is through the convenience fees collected as our services are utilized.  Instead of collecting thousands of dollars upfront, our business model is successful only when you are, so our best interests are your success.

If you’re a dog person, we have a product or service you’ll love.

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