AKC FAST CAT Event Manager User Documentation


The AKC FAST CAT Event Manager (FCEM) facilitates a club or event manager to properly hold and manage a FAST CAT event. This product has been designed by DogShowManagement.com (DSM) as a subsidiary of TopDogWebDesigns.com.  FCEM is designed to meet all requirements of the American Kennel Club (AKC).  The system starts by allowing your club to take online entries and receive payments and ends with the automatic production of the Excel file required by AKC.  In this document the user will find a "Step-by-Step" process for running your FAST CAT event.

This product allows the club to manage an event with up to six trials. Generally there are two events held each day for three days but this is easily modified to meet the needs of the club. 

The basic flow of an event is:

  • DSM sets up the online forms for your event.  This includes entering things like date, event number, secretary information, cost for entries, etc.
  • Entries open
    • The exhibitor enters all trials on one form
    • Payments are made to DSM
    • Email confirmation is sent to the exhibitor
    • Email notification of a new entry is sent to the event Chair and any other club members desired.
  • Entries Close
  • Check-in/Run Order/Time sheets are printed for each event
  • Times are recorded
    • Can be done at event or a later date
    • If done at event then the "Leaderboard" is automatically updated showing the current times, handicap, points and placements.
  • AKC Reports are created and emailed to AKC
  • All data from the forms is exported for the club by DSM
  • Forms are reset to be ready for the next event
  • Event Reconciliation is prepared for club and funds transferred to club


Below is an outline of the FAST CAT Process



 Request Service

Note: Requesting Service requires the club has a subscription at https://TopDogWebDesigns.com  AND is a user on the https://DogShowManagement.com website.


Request Service Here 


Service Request is Processed

  • Entry form is created
  • Menu item for entries is set up on club website


Entries Open

  • Exhibitors complete entry form
    • Payment is processed
      • All payments are made through the DogShowManagement.com PayPal Account
    • Email is sent to exhibitor
      • Includes confirmation of Trials entered
      • Detailed receipt for payment
    • Email is sent to Event Chair
      • Includes confirmation of Trials entered
      • Detailed receipt for exhibitor payment

Entries Close

  • Close automatically based on the Closing Date
  • Menu item link is removed


Event Processing

  • Make any changes to data
    • Correct errors resulting from incorrect data input by exhibitor
    • Menu Item: Events/AKC Events/FAST CAT/Entries/AKC FAST CAT - Admin



Armband Numbers are created when the exhibitor fills out their entry form

  • Armband Numbers are created in a completely random order.  The exhibitor has no ability to set their armband number.
  • There is a 4 number space between numbers to allow the club to change specific numbers.
    • Example 111,115, 119, 123.........
  • Changing Armband Numbers
    • Menu Item: Events/AKC Events/FAST CAT/Armbands/Change Armband Numbers

Screenshot 02 28 2022 04.38.27

 Print Armbands

  • Menu Item: Events/AKC Events/FAST CAT/Armbands/Print Armbands
    • The following message will appear:

Screenshot 02 28 2022 05.05.51

 The PDF will appear:

Screenshot 03 04 2022 05.19.01

Select "CNTRL+SF5" to Refresh Screen


 Print Armband List

Printing an Armband List is not required but can be handy to have at the event.

  • Menu Item: Events/AKC Events/FAST CAT/Armbands/Print Armband List
    • The following message will appear:


Screenshot 02 28 2022 05.44.56


Screenshot 02 28 2022 05.50.11

  • Select "CNTRL+SF5" to Refresh Screen


Print Check-in Forms

  • Print Check-in forms/Time Sheets for all trials
    • Menu Item: Events/AKC Events/FAST CAT/Check-in Forms
      • Select desired form
      • A message similar to this will appear

Screenshot 02 28 2022 06.00.11

      • Click on the Blue Message line
      • The PDF will appear

Screenshot 02 28 2022 06.11.28 

Select "CNTRL+SF5" to Refresh Screen



Record Times on Time Sheets

  • You can use the same Check-in/Run Order sheet to record the times of the dogs.


Record Times in Computer

  • Menu Item: Events/AKC Events/FAST CAT/Enter Times/Select Trial
    • Note: Even though you select a specific trial you can enter all run times at once.

Screenshot 02 28 2022 06.31.11


Screenshot 02 28 2022 06.52.30


----------The Leaderboard----------


DogShowManagement.com has created an amazing product as a part of our FAST CAT system.  We call it, "The Leaderboard". The Leaderboard is very similar to what you would see at a down hill skiing event.  When the skier passes the finish line their time is posted and all of the placements are instantly changed. If the skiers time is the fastest then the skier's name and time appear at the top of the board.

Dog Sports Management's Leaderboard is very similar.  When a dog completes their run and their time recorded, their handicap is applied and their points are calculated. Their points are automatically compared to those of all other dogs which have completed their runs and displayed on the Leaderboard in points order.  The dog with the most points appears at the top of the list. Our Leaderboard is updated every five seconds.

Menu Item: Events/AKC Events/FAST CAT/Leaderboards/Select Trial

  • Note 1:  If you use the Leaderboard you need to have two (2) screens attached to your computer or a separate computer. On a separate computer, Screen 1.
  • Note 2: Make sure you open the Leaderboards in a separate TAB on your screen.
  • Note 3: You should change the  Display Orientation of the screen used for the leaderboard.
    • On Windows
      • Place your curser on the desktop and RIGHT CLICK
      • Click on "Display Settings"
      • Select, "Screen 2"
      • Scroll down to, "Display Orientation"
      • Change orientation to, "Portrait"


 Screenshot 02 28 2022 06.59.58


Create Excel Report for AKC

The Next-to-the-Last-Step in the automation of your event is to produce the Excel spreadsheet which you send to AKC reporting the handicaps, times, MPH, points, and placements for the competing dogs. You then email the report to the AKC. Below is what the spreadsheet look like.

Screenshot 03 01 2022 03.32.53

You can see it has images and colors which make it look good to the user.  However, here is what it looks like when you send it to AKC.

Screenshot 03 01 2022 03.56.34

To create your report to send to AKC:

  • Menu Item: Events/AKC Events/FAST CAT/Special Functions/Results Export






  • Select the desired event number












 Notify DogShowManagement.com That You Emailed the AKC Report

When you notify DogShowManagement.com that you have emailed your report to AKC the following tasks are completed.

  • All data related to entries is exported to an Excel file and is titled using the event number
  • The file is emailed to the secretary of the event and or other authorized individuals
  • A copy of your data is saved to our Amazon Web Services (AWS) server for long term storage
    • Note: This service is not intended to replace the data AKC requires you to maintain.
  • A copy of the Reconcilliation Report is saved to our Amazon Web Services (AWS) server for long term storage
  • A Final Reconcilliation Report is emailed to your club
  • The data files are initialized to be ready to use for your next event